Aerial Photography and Videography Services

Use FAA APPROVED Aerial Videography and Photography Services to Grow Your Business

Aerial photographs and videos provide a complete bird’s eye view of an area that is just not possible from the ground. It allows you to see land that is unreachable by foot and makes it easier to see how features like roads, hills, and buildings relate spatially to one another. Our shots are highly professional and affordable, allowing even small budget companies to compete with the big guys. Use them in marketing brochures, on your website, or in presentations.

Aerial shots can be used for a wide variety applications including:

  • Client Updates
  • Marketing Materials
  • Development Planning

Real Estate Agents

Aerial shots make marketing properties easier than ever. Prospective buyers can see all the features of the property easily in one shot (including how close the mother in law suite is to the house!). Buy giving your buyers more information, you can streamline the selling process and only show the houses you know they will love.


Apartment Communities

We may have already visited you to take great photos of your model.  Now show off the entire complex using aerial video and photos.


Aerial shots of your property showcase its beauty and set you apart from the competition.

Municipal Parks and Rec. Departments

Show off the parks that you work so hard on. Does your community have a pool? Golf Course? Aerial video is a great tool to help sell membership!

Golf Courses

Aerial photographs are a great marketing tool, but imagine being able to give prospective customers a complete aerial tour of each hole including sand traps, hills, and even your club house!

Construction Sites

Aerial photos are a great way to document progress. Use them to show off your site, the relationship to its surroundings or just promote another job well done!

Solar Panel Installations

Highlight the benefits of solar energy with a unique short film or commercial shot from the air. Prospective clients or investors will be able to see how the panels will look on their property or even watch the installation process.

Aerial Inspection

If you need to see it from the air, we can help. View the video in real time to make inspections and guarantee you got the shot you wanted.


Aerial photographs provide a bird’s eye view of your entire property including structures and fields. These photographs are useful in marketing materials, crop planning, or even as a beautiful keepsakes.


Use aerial films to catch breath taking views of sports events, music festivals, weddings, horse shows, and more! These films can be included in keepsake packages or used for marketing materials.

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