Federal Judge Rule That Commercial Drone Use Is Legal

An administrative judge on the National Transportation Safety Board has ruled that the commercial use of small drones is in fact legal, despite six years of Federal Aviation Administration statements to the contrary. Today Judge Patrick Geraghty dismissed a $10,000 fine levied by the FAA against Raphael Pirker, a Swiss drone operator who used a […]

Real Estate Aerial Video and Photography

Why use Real Estate Aerial Video and Photography? Plain and simple, it helps sell listings. Have you just listed the perfect house? Now all you need is the perfect buyer. In today’s challenging market you need to expose your new listing to as many people as possible. Showing a simple video flyover of your property […]

2013 Aerial Photography and Videography Sizzle Reel

If you need aerial photography or aerial videography, look no further. 2013 has been a great year for us and we’ve had the ability to shoot many different locations. We would like to add your company to our list of satisfied clients so please spend a few minutes looking at our sizzle reel and then […]

Aerial Videography of Parks and Fields

We were privileged to do aerial videography for the City of Summit.  Judith Josephs and her staff run a tight ship and it shows. Everything is first class!