Making Connections

Modern broadcast email marketing is changing at light speed. As fast as technology is making strides, so are the industries that use it. Marketing takes advantage of every tool in the box to get your message out and reinforce it to your customers. However, this exchange is not a one-way discourse. It should be a […]

Noteworthy Newsletters

Part of your customer communication toolbox is email newsletters. It’s a great way to keep your customers up to date about your business and give them valuable content. It’s especially important in an industry like real estate where the inventory is changing so drastically and frequently. An email newsletter is an excellent method for reaching […]

Custom Facebook Pages

If you’re in business, you’re looking to make customers. It may seem like using a social media outlet like Facebook to make “friends” isn’t going to accomplish much in the way of commerce. However, marketing is changing and some of the most effective methods of reaching your potential customers lie in the realm of social […]

Clinging to Static

What does your online presence look like? If your website isn’t generating leads or if your sales pipeline is drying up you may need to ask yourself this question. Your clients and customers are looking for you online and you should make sure what they find is just as engaging, interesting and active as you […]