What does your online presence look like? If your website isn’t generating leads or if your sales pipeline is drying up you may need to ask yourself this question. Your clients and customers are looking for you online and you should make sure what they find is just as engaging, interesting and active as you are in person. Are you clinging to an outdated, static website that doesn’t represent you as a business or a person? You should consider custom website development.

Some sites treat the internet like one very large and complicated phone book. They plaster up an ad with some text and phone numbers. Perhaps they might include their corporate head shot and some logos or professional affiliations. By now, they should know better than this. Clinging to an old site is like holding on to old clothes. It just makes you look bad.

An updated, multifunctional site should be bringing traffic to your door whether you are a realtor or a retailer. If it isn’t, the site is not doing its job. You need to fire it.

Get some opinions.
Ask a few of your most valued customers what they think of your site. You can also enlist the aid of friends or family members with forthright personalities. Get them to use the site as if they were visiting for the first time and have them tell you what is wrong and right. This should give you at least a small idea of what your customers will want.

Check out the competition.
Take a look at a few of your competitor’s sites and see what they are doing. You should have an understanding of what is considered “industry standard” for your particular business. If you aren’t keeping up then you are probably losing potential clients and leads without even knowing it.

Hire a professional.
Rebuilding a site takes a fair bit of knowledge and expertise. If you aren’t a programmer, it may be beyond your abilities even with good templates and software. Consult a professional who has experience building sites for others in your industry.

Get a registration.
This point is where many small business owners get stopped in their tracks. They are somehow very hesitant to ask for information online that they wouldn’t think twice about getting on the phone. When someone calls your office, you ask for their name. You probably try to get a number to call them back if they request more information, too. You might even get their address to mail that information to them. So why is it so hard to ask for the same thing online? Having your customers register online give you the contact information you need to convert that site click-by visit into a real lead. Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you don’t look so good online, it’s well past time to update your site. Get some help and get it up to date.