If you’re in business, you’re looking to make customers. It may seem like using a social media outlet like Facebook to make “friends” isn’t going to accomplish much in the way of commerce. However, marketing is changing and some of the most effective methods of reaching your potential customers lie in the realm of social media. These methods can get your name in front of clients and keep you involved with them on a regular basis. You get daily opportunities to present yourself and your message to your customers. If you want to make each of these encounters a positive experience, your professional Facebook page should make a great impression.

If you have had a personal Facebook page, you likely just entered your data and photo into the standard frame. Many people don’t even realize there are other options. You can have a custom page designed will function much more effectively for a business site.

Establishing Presence
Some of the biggest names in business have custom Facebook pages. If the brand is a household name, you can bet that they have a sharp social media presence. You customers and clients will be looking for you online. You should first make sure that they can find you easily. Secondly, you should be certain that what they find represents your business in the best possible way. A custom page can help make that great first impression all businesses desire.

Tabs and Apps
At the top of your company’s Facebook page is a ribbon of tabs. On a typical page, you’ll see one for the wall, one for photos and perhaps some various apps. On a custom designed page, you can also have tabs included for additional content. You might choose a plug in for viewing a YouTube video about your products or services like a featured home for sale. You could choose an app for Flickr so you can show photos of your featured products. You can also include one called a static FMBL app. This one is essentially a blank page that you can fill with nearly anything you and your developer can create. It’s an excellent place for custom graphics and links.

Facebook can be used to expand and reinforce your brand. You can utilize this powerful resource to impact your brand awareness. A custom page can display your logo and other branding markers in a much more effective way than on a standard page. It can also reinforce your branding through custom contact with your fans. You can offer the fans of your page exclusive content or special offers to engage them in your brand marketing.

There are many other reasons to have your page customized. If you are going to establish your business on Facebook or any other social media site, take control of the way you are presented with a custom site.

Custom Facebook Pages

Custom Business Facebook Page Design

175 million users log into Facebook every twenty four hours.

Facebook plays host to 350 million active users on a global basis.

Facebook is a strategy thousands of realtors are using. Is your company ready? Do you have the presence necessary to tap into one of the fastest growing market segments in history?

Real Estate Marketing Support can help by creating a business page with a customized landing tab that truly communicates your message.

Why Bother?

Facebook is one of the key components to a solid social media marketing strategy, and if your company hasn’t even considered the possibilities here, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your online marketing strategy.

The statistics are growing with this social media outlet every day, and with the introduction of the mobile app, those numbers only get higher. In fact, there are 3.5 billion pieces of content shared every single week through this one website. If you’re not present in the conversation, you’re not even going to be considered by many potential clients.

In today’s market, that’s not a proposition you can afford to lose. Contact us today for the level of customization you need.

A Stronger Strategy From the Outset

Even if you have a personal account or a simple page you built for your business, that’s just not going to be enough. Landing on your wall or your info tab is the single poorest conversion method you can have. Customized landing tabs are the way to go in a time where engagement must happen within seconds.

With one of the only products of its kind on the market, RealEstateMarketingSuppport is here to design the level of personalization necessary to amp up your conversion rates with this essential tool.

  • Continually feed new content and updates to your fans.
  • Add videos, pictures, and events that will capture the attention of potential clients.
  • Evaluate how people are using your page on an ongoing basis.
  • Pump your SEO marketing strategy to an all-time high.

Make Them “Like” Your Company

If they leave without pushing your “Like” button, you’ve lost them forever, and the only way to get them to hit it is to engage them from the start. You just can’t do that without a level of visual engagement your wall or info tab won’t provide. Real Estate Marketing Support is here to help. With an individualized page that will revolutionize your social media marketing strategy, it’s really the only choice you have.

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