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Provide Visual Stimulation With Real Estate Floor Plans

It may seem like an old marketing idea, but offering floor plans with each of your listings can give your buyers the perspective they need to make a decision about that home. Studies suggest that the difference between selling a home and having the buyer walk away is the details of the marketing. Giving buyers as much information as possible means you have a better chance of congratulating a buyer on their new home, and one of the best additions to any marketing campaign is a floor plan.

Why Floor Plans

  • Floor plans let potential buyers answer their own buying questions.
  • Room dimensions and the layout of a home can be more precisely expressed with the help of home floor plans.
  • House floor plans allow buyers to begin thinking about where their belongings will fit in their new home, which may help to sway their buying decision.
Once you have floor plans of your listings, you can use them in almost every aspect of your marketing campaign. From your Just Listed postcards to your website, they’re the original all-purpose real estate marketing tool.

Five Simple Reasons to Choose Real Estate Marketing Support

  1. Our professional house floor plans can be added to any property tour.
  2. Our floor plans are created using the latest technology available, and they’re only created after an on-site measurement, which means you get the accuracy your clients need.
  3. Our home floor plans can be made to your specifications. Whether you want a horizontal or a vertical orientation, a .pdf format, or something entirely different, we’ll be happy to provide you with everything you request.
  4. Our floor plans can even be colorized at your request.
  5. Our house floor plans help you offer each listing a personal touch that your competitors won’t be able to challenge.

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With a quick turnaround and quality images your clients will love, RealEstateMarketingSupport.com can offer you a low cost solution to your floor plan needs.

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