Virtual Staging

Virtual Possibilities

Staging is big these days, and getting bigger. A staged home often spends 83% less time on the market than one without this valuable service.

Studies have continually demonstrated that vacant real estate is harder to sell. It takes more of your time, more of your marketing dollars, and considerably more of your sales talents to move empty, bare property than a home that is nicely staged.

What Are Your Options?

  1. Continue as is, and spend thousands of dollars and months of your time marketing an unstaged property that just won’t sell.
  2. Bring in a professional staging company at a high added cost to make the property look a bit better to potential buyers.
  3. Choose the single best new marketing option for vacant properties – Virtual Staging.

Why Virtual Staging?

Every home you sell is a product, and staging has long helped to create a level of appeal that is simply unavailable to buyers who are looking at empty properties. With so many turning to online tours these days, though, it may seem a bit excessive to hire a professional staging company to fill an empty space, just for a set of pictures.

Virtual staging takes your photos of the unstaged home and, using delicate photo editing processes, adds in whatever design look you want to create. Online visitors can browse a fully staged home and book a showing instantly from the comfort of your website. You benefit by not having to pay to physically stage the home, and the prospective client benefits by being able to fully imagine the home before ever walking through the door!

Every single home looks like a model home with virtual staging, thanks to our unique, artistic additions. Virtual staging is, in fact, the low-cost, simple way to add a bit of value to every vacant property on your sales sheets. It’s just a matter of time before your clients are asking to see that beautiful property immediately.

It’s truly the best of both worlds, and RealEstateMarketingSupport is here to help you show that home in its best light, and sell that home much faster.

Creating Value

Staged homes create an ideal image in the minds of buyers, and by directing them to the virtually staged link you’ve created, you offer a warm atmosphere they simply cannot ignore. The most experienced real estate agents know that the biggest selling point of any vacant home is “possibility.” If a buyer can virtually see the possibilities of how the home might look after they have purchased it, they will be more willing to place an offer.

Give your prospective buyers that opportunity by providing them with the whole picture and images depicting the full potential of any home. Still have questions, view our FAQ section.

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