Real Estate Aerial Photograhpy

Set yourself apart with our FAA APPROVED real estate aerial photography and videography!

We are an FAA approved aerial filiming company. You can safely use us on your listings!

Use our low altitude aerial photography to sell your next listing! Some realtors dismiss this possible presentation due to the fear the cost will be astronomical but the truth is that real estate aerial photography is very affordable. It is so reasonably priced that it will fit the needs of even the smallest budgets. This is a fantastic way to stay ahead of competitors while offering your buyers the professional pictures only you will have available. These photographs offer an excellent solution to help your marketing brochures stand out; they will add a unique flare to your website, or in any other type of presentation. Most aerial photography isn’t suitable for real estate as it is taken from a high altitude that just provides a great view of your roof. This might not be bad if your selling a 100 acre ranch however for most properties, a low altitude oblique photo provide a much better view.

Our helicopters (aka “drones”), which weigh about three pounds, are small enough to gather images at intimate, low heights that full-scale helicopters, which real estate pros have used for a years to get aerial images and videos of properties, couldn’t reach. You only get one chance to make a first impression online and in this challenging market, you need every advantage to get your listing noticed. Give us a call today to discuss your real estate aerial photography and videography needs.

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