Virtual Staging Furniture Samples

Please view the following samples and let us know what you would like to use for your next project. Should you wish to change furniture after staging is complete, we would need to re-stage the room as if it was a new project.

Home Office

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to remember that we are not a furniture company nor an interior design company. We highly recommend these furniture sets as these are what we have seen perform successfully in real-world scenarios. Please keep in mind that the idea of virtual staging is simply to warm up a home and make it more appealing. It’s important not to get personally involved in choosing every small detail or you could end up alienating potential buyers. Our design team will work with you to use our experience and test results to create a design likely to sell or lease the property faster and easier.
This is a sample selection of what will be used in your photos. If your photos need more or less furniture our designers will be sure to find just the right balance. Furniture may vary in size and lighting.
We will need to completely redo the photo but you can request a new furniture set. In most cases a charge equivalent to one new photo will apply.